Grenfell Tower Fire Three Months On

Grenfell Tower Fire Three Months On

Grenfell Tower Fire More than 3 Months Since Grenfell Tower fire. More than 80% of survivors have not been rehoused three months on.

20 families are now living in permanent accommodation, while another 52 households had accepted an offer in principle.

Grenfell is a moral, economic, political and aesthetic injustice. Not only was the cladding unsafe, but it was also ugly; not only was it ugly, but it was also wrong both to the building architecture it covered and wrong to its responsibility to human safety.

Together with anger and incredulity, there is that sense of cooperation, of embarrassment, as though without entirely realising how it happened as we all played a part in it. Grenfell is the dark fruit of our time and how we have organised ourselves. What will happen to Grenfell people is very much about what it will be of us all. Only if we make the present right, we will have a healthy future. Making the present right requires not to forget the past and always remember what happened.

Grenfell Tower Fire 2017


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