How To Cook Pasta Like An Italian?AnotherShowTube

How To Cook Pasta Like An Italian?

Oh, so you want to make pasta, do you? Oh, so you think it is just about boiling some water? If you want to cook pasta like an Italian, there are rules, dear Lord, there. are. rules.

It seems simple enough: water, salt, oil, pasta.

TRICK! That was a trick! There is no oil.

Want to know what else you have been doing wrong when cooking pasta for all these years? Here are the 5 rules, the undeniable truths, of cooking pasta like an Italian:

Thou shalt not break thine pasta. Ever.

Thy serving size shall be 100g! 150g if we are being generous!

The salt of the earth shall be addeth to thine water only once said water hath begun to boil.

Thou shalt not add any oil to the water.

Thy pasta shall be prepared al dente.

Buon Appetito



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