Helping Means Assistance

Helping Means Assistance

Despite what some people say, the refugee crisis is not a primarily German problem, or not their problem but a European one. With or without Brexit!

For too long we have ignored the fact that conflict will inevitably happen as soon as young/poor states compare themselves to the old, prosperous Europe. We now have to take responsibility for it. We can’t let the task ahead divide us. We need to work together and consider it a fresh start for everyone. In order to do that…. We need to secure Europe’s borders. Support neighbouring countries in order to erase their citizens’ need to migrate for economic reasons.

Finally establish common European asylum laws with clear rules and same levels of assistance to support people who temporarily need our help. No country can face the refugee crisis alone. We need to understand where we made mistakes and learn from them.

If we do, the refugee crisis could be a chance to a new start for everyone. Why do not we help them in their home? I guess the answer is taken. But for a matter of scrupulousness, I answer. At the moment these people a home they do not have !!!



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