Who the Hell Do You Think You Are

Anton Black to Nigel Farage:” Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?”

Farage accused Herman von Rompay, President of the European Union, of being a fanatic willing to create the Euro dream on the backs of Europeans, at the cost of murdering democracy and impoverishing millions.
Farage is unafraid to speak for a large number of “Eurosceptics” who think the EU a dream of the “Anglo-American elite” to join power over the people. We know that the Illuminati financial structure is in free fall, to be replaced by what Zeitgeist Adcdendum called “the wisdom economy,” but many people do not and question what the outcome will be of so many nations teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.
However, there is a final shocking video. Farage, during one of his shows on LBC radio, shows his real plans should things go bad for the UK out of European Union.


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