shop for vegan supper

How To Shop For An Amazing Vegan Supper

How To Shop For An Amazing Vegan Supper

How Does A Vegan Shop?

To make a vegan expense there are some ingredients that can not be missed in the cart. Here’s a list of foods to buy, without spending a fortune, to start your vegan diet.

The first time you make a purchase you buy: one kg of chickpea flour (with which you can make the omelettes), one manitoba and one full flour. Half a pound of whole grain flour and corn flour. Then 1 kg of whole wheat rice, buckwheat and whole cous cous. Then buy a pack of rice and an integral pasta. Some cereal, like millet and spelled. Now go to the legumes and take a pack of lentils, one of chickpeas and one of dried beans. For your preparations, take a pack of agar agar, a bottle of soy sauce and a tartar cremor (natural yeast).

In this video, we will go shopping to make a dinner full of vitamins and nutrients essential for a balanced and healthy diet. In the next videos Giampaola will show us step by step how to make a dinner for six people with a cost of 16 euros.

Enjoy the ‘Tagliere di Gianpaola’!


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