What makes London so different?

What makes London so different?

1. The most diverse city on the planet or at least one of the

London etnic diversity graph


2. We speak over 300 different languages.

London’s second languages map

3. A benefit of this diversity is that there is always something good to eat.

Addome’ – Streatham Hill, London

4. The food is just ridiculously good. No matter what others say… from markets to restaurants.

Food in London 

5. The tube! We like to whine about it all the time, but it works just fine.

6. You’re never far from green. London has more park space than any other major city on earth. Park as ‘park’, not parking space. Don’t start!

Clapham Common

7. Other cities would kill to have a haven as beautiful as Dulwich village in the centre of London city.

Dulwich Village

8. We know how to throw a party.

Big Ben

9. (We just drink through the pain).

London Tube at the weekend

10. Seeing people do the ‘walk of shame’ on your way to work. (Or doing it b4 work)

Shame Walker lol

11. You actually can live in London for years and years and still find something different each day. There is simply so much going on everywhere that it is impossible to know it all, and this about London is what makes it truly mysteriously charming to me. You will never discover it all or know it all; The excitement never ends in the capital, and until I die, I will always be on the hunt for the next amazing discovery here.

Better safe Than sorry

12. And contrary to popular belief – they do talk to people, they are friendly, and they will welcome you with open arms.

London Pride

13. The Queen Nobody messes with Her Majesty. And if they do, we’ll ‘ave ’em. Or she will.

Queen Elizabeth II

14. The Underground Where would we be without the Underground? A bus stop, that’s where. And nobody wants that if not late at night.

London red bus

15. It’s a beautiful city of endless possibilities, and everyone is welcome.

London 2012

What would you add?



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