What is Valentine’s Day Today? #Boycott valentines 2018

What is Valentine’s Day Today? #Boycott valentines 2018


I’m proposing that this year — every year from now on, frankly — you shouldn’t buy into any of it, and here’s why:

The original Valentine was thought to be a Roman priest who resisted the order of Emperor Claudius that young people do not marry (because soldiers didn’t want to fight for the empire when they had a young bride at home, GO FIGURE).

Valentinus took the initiative to marry hundreds of those couples, blah blah blah all in secret. Well, it must not have been kept very secret. In fact, For those actions, he was decapitated.

He was also made the patron saint of love — but let’s not forget that he is also the patron saint of beekeeping, fainting, and the plague. I AM NOT KIDDING. (“Surprising Facts about Saint Valentine“) And while he’s still in the roster of saints, he’s been dropped from the liturgy. Sounds like something a little shady might have gone on there behind the scenes, no?

The fact is, this was a time when polygamy was quite common, so secretly marrying couples in the Catholic Church might simply have been the old Valentinus just trying to put an end on free love and restrict young Romans’ sexual style. That’s not all that romantic, now, is it?

There’s no record of the actual reinstatement of a holiday celebrating this poor headless hidebound priest, but there’s some suggestion that the first written evidence of it was found in a poem by Chaucer around 1375—it’s not clear whether he invented the concept or was transcribing an existing tradition.

Now, from all accounts, Chaucer appears to have been a pretty decent guy—a poet and public servant who was not only the renowned author of The Canterbury Tales but wrote a lovely couple of essays on how to use an astrolabe, so he’s also smart and helpful.

But the evidence remains that the holiday might never have existed, and may be based on a fictional creation.

We might as well celebrate Edward-and-Bella Day (when we celebrate with love triangles and bloodsucking), or Harry Potter Day (when we… okay, when we’re just really good people who have awesome abilities, which would be kind of a nice holiday, but still).

What is Valentines today

on Valentine’s Day, you are put under a whole bunch of artificial, media- and advertising-induced pressure, to make a big display of your love — the more public, the better.

You’re advised to Buy Big for dinner, flowers, chocolate. You’d better make a big heartfelt public Facebook post on your partner’s timeline. And woe to you if you don’t arrange for a big, flashy bouquet to be sent to her workplace. If you don’t, you must not love your SO.

And the worst part is, even knowing how completely stupid all of that is, it’s so easy for many of us to fall right into that line of thinking, and judge our partner or their level of love and care for us based on what kind of performance he or she put on for us on that one overhyped day.

That’s not romantic. In fact, it’s the total opposite of romance, to bow to outside expectations, on a randomly dictated day of the year, and make a big clichéd material show of your feelings.

You know what’s romantic? Buying the person you love something special that you know they will love for no reason, out of nowhere, because that day you saw something that made you think about them, or that you knew would make them smile, and you wanted to get it for them.

Romance is meeting her at the car when she gets home with the groceries, so she doesn’t have to carry them inside by herself. It’s warming up the other side of the bed when is cold at night, so her feet don’t get cold.

It’s comforting when the car gets dented; one gets bad news. It’s listening to another person at the end of the day when they come home and want to vent about their annoying boss, even though they’ve made the same complaints a hundred times.

It’s picking her a flower from the side of the path when you’re hiking in the woods and putting it in her hair… not grabbing a dozen cellophane-wrapped wilting red roses sitting in a bucket of grey water at your local grocery store.

It’s giving the other a ring… as in a phone call during the day just to say you are thinking of them. Not going into debt to buy something sparkly to prove their love.

If you believe in love, boycott this ridiculous holiday, and find true, genuine, simple ways to celebrate the people in your life whom you value every day.



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