What are the top things to do in Montesilvano

What are the top things to do in Montesilvano


If you chose Montesilvano, you certainly want to spend the majority of your daytime on the beach sunbathing, in the see and chilling.

For those of you who, like me, cannot stay still, for longer than 10 minutes, you can always play beach volley, beach tennis or go for a walk along the coast.

Starting from the early evening till late at nigh Montesilvano hosts different entertainment events every night, including live music, live performances and an antique night market.

Some fascinating medieval castles that once dominated the entire region of Abruzzo are close to Montesilvano: In the small town of Cepagatti, for example, you can visit a brick tower from the Lombardic period, at the base of which rest roman ruins to be discovered.

In Spoltore, you can see the majestic Castle De Cesaris and learn about its interesting history.

Also worth a separate visit is the town of Pescara. Pescara has one of the main tourist ports on the Adriatic Sea, and until a couple of years ago it had a ferry link to Croatia.

In The touristic Pescara seaport, you can also explore the Museum of the Sea.

The Italian writer, poet, journalist, playwright and soldier during World War I, Gabriele D’Annunzio was born in Pescara.

He occupied a prominent place in Italian literature from 1889 to 1910 and later political life from 1914 to 1924. His family home, now a museum, located in the old part of the town, can also be visited during the daytime.

In the summer season, it is possible to go on a different trip every day. To Discover the more rural areas, without forgetting that just a few miles away you can also visit the Tremiti Islands, beautiful medieval towns and if these were not enough, well an outdoor visit to the Gran Sasso mountain will amaze you.

The main characteristic of the Abruzzo region is that you can change scenario entirely with less than one hour by car.



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